Friday, September 18, 2009

I look to you usual it has been a while since I have posted anything :( We have been working on getting our school routines down and I am sooooo pleased with Alex and his transition into 2nd grade. He continues to amaze me.

His teacher this year is having the kids color in each day the discipline color they were for the day before they head home on a calendar in their folder. For instance, they start out at green and then if they get a warning they are yellow, bad is red and black is really bad. If they do really great for the day they can move up and the move up from green is blue. Alex this month has had all green days and one blue day!!! What I like most about this is that when he leaves in the morning I can say "have a green day" and he smiles. When he gets home he is so excited to show me his paper. I can't get much detail out of him about his day but this is something that he does talk to me about.

Simone is adjusting well too. Although this week we did have an e-mail from her teacher that she had written "I hat(e) Alex" on the board. I haven't noticed lately and even during the summer as many questions about his behaviors or how he is different as I did at the end of last school year. I think that even though they are at the same school the fact that they are on different floors (not right across the hall from each other) makes a difference. Anyway, her teacher talked to her about Alex and then of course I talked to her when she got home. I think she was a little shocked that I knew what happened at school - mom has eyes and ears everywhere!

This week I watched Oprah's 2 part interview with Whitney Houston. Now, I grew up listening to her songs and of course we all know her trials (which are no where near the same as mine) but the interview really touched me. I had mentioned in one of my previous blogs about how people say things to you when you go through a difficult time and often I think use God and the prayer thing too much. It happened to me and I really feel like it caused me to step away some from my relationship with God. Anyway, her new song "I look to you" is about God and how she looked to him for strength as she went through her trials. Also her song "I didn't know my own strength" is also amazing and I feel that I can relate to those words. At one point I found my self just crying as I listened to her talk to Oprah then when I downloaded the songs I really started crying. I feel like her talking about relying on God could be backed up by the fact that she had gone through something horrific in her life. While I was downloading the songs and crying, my husband comes home and saw me a mess...yes I was having a moment!

If you get a chance, please listen to those songs. She has an amazing gift.