Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wow! I just read through again my last blog, which sadly was too long ago! That was some heavy stuff I wrote. Since that time, I have been actively trying to find that special employment. I declared 2010 as "The Year of Cara". I have had some interviews and possible job leads but only one recently that I am excited about. I am waiting to see if I am hired.

We visited a "new" church today. We have been there a few times already. I really needed to hear about "what's on your mind". I struggle sooooo much with my thoughts controlling my heart, body, actions, etc. I am a "thinking" person and find myself worrying a lot - especially about Alex and my husband's travels. That is why momma needs a job...keep me busy! I cried through the end of church and I cried at home. Now, I am feeling that this blogging stuff shouldn't happen every couple months. It is good for the mind and soul!

Alex had one of his best Christmas breaks. He was able to tell us when he had enough of the big family Christmas and I took him home! Thank God for Autism! My excuse to leave a big family gathering!!!!

He was a bit whiny getting back to school after break. He came home many days saying "I don't want to do 2nd's too hard...I want to stay home with you and help make lunch". He had a page of math homework (front and back) and complained about how it would be too hard. He kept saying it over and over and I just kept working in the kitchen ignoring him. Before I knew it it was done and done correctly! I think he likes to just say things over and over as a calming mechanism. I guess what is on his mind just comes out over and over....interesting!

Simone has been busy with swimming. We have attended 2 swim meets where she has placed in both her individual events at both meets - getting 1st place in both events at the last meet. She enjoys practicing a lot and the meets are getting easier for her, especially now that she has a DS like all the other kids. "Mom did you know that there were thousands of kids in Pictochat room A at the meet?"

I just read a friend's blog about her training for triathlons and I am motivated today to go for a run. I haven't been feeling well - having episodes where I am dizzy so I'm going to take it slow. My doc says I have a virus that is going around and gave me an anti-viral medicine. We'll see if it works. I still had a dizzy spell getting up in the night last night.

Looking forward to good news this week!