Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Almost a year!

Wow! I can't believe it has been almost a year since my last blog!!! I think I took a break due to my hubby but also due to my world being changed quite dramatically to where I should now have a "thyroid cancer sucks" blog :(

This entry will be more my blog but what I have planned will lead to more blogs about Alex and I can't wait!!

So, not long after my last post my world changed dramatically - A thyroid cancer diagnosis!!! I went to my 6 month check up with my dentist who does a cancer screen of the throat all the way down to the clavicle bone. This was one of those days where Simone was "sick" and I was just wanting it to be done quickly. He kept feeling around my neck and said "I think you need to have your thyroid checked". I was like not really worried but I called my primary care physician right away.

My primary care physician had an appointment for the next day. Blood was drawn and came back that my thyroid was operating fine. An ultrasound was done that showed nodules on both sides, which then prompted my primary care physician to refer me to an ear, nose and throat specialist. I had an appointment with him and he recommended a biopsy of both sides. The results of the biopsy showed stage 2 bilateral thyroid cancer (the highest for my age group)...more on that in a minute. That prompted surgery to remove my entire thyroid then radiation to kill any remaining cancer cells.

Here's the timeline:

10/6/10 Dr. Kondas (dentist)
10/7/10 Dr. Seiler/blood test
10/18/10 Ultrasound
10/26/10 Dr. Fuentes (ENT)
11/15/10 biopsy at Kettering Medical Center
11/17/10 cancer diagnosis
12/9/10 total thyroidectomy surgery at Good Samaritan North
2/8/11 radiation through Kettering Medical Center
2/14/11 body scan showed clear of cancer
ongoing follow ups with ENT and endocrinologist

Diagnosis....I remember it being a Wednesday afternoon. My cell phone rang as I was outside waiting for my daughter to come home from school off the bus. Thankfully my son, the Autistic child, was at tutoring after school. I am on the phone with Dr. Fuentes as Simone is walking towards me while he says "It's cancer"! I'll never in my life forget that! She notices something is wrong, although I am trying to keep it together, and says in a whisper "mom, I think I left my coat on the bus". I tell her I'll call the school and she went quietly in the house and upstairs. She stayed upstairs while I finished my call and then called the school. The first person I talked to was Mrs. Bell, the school secretary. Somehow I managed to get it out that Simone left her coat on the bus then broke down in tears hysterically. My husband was on a business trip and I had no one to talk to. She offered to go to the bus garage and get the coat and told Mrs. Walker, who had Alex, what was going on. Bless her! I then had to call my husband, who was in an airport in TX I believe where he was flying to another work location. Needless to say he he changed his flight plans and came home late that then I was all cried out but he wasn't. Since the diagnosis I feel like it has been a roller coster ride and still continue to be as I have gained 20 pounds and am feeling miserable!

Again the feeling alone has overcome me! The need to accept all this is there but I don't think I am ready. The inability of those close to me to give a damn is unbelievable.

My new idea is to blog about Alex's new form of "therapy". He loves to write letters to people when he is upset. I talked to a friend in the publishing people and my book club and a local author. They all think a book of the compilations of his letters (which, by the way he thinks got mailed) is an awesome idea. However, my publishing friend recommends blogging instead of a book. That's the ongoing plan and I can't wait to get started!


PS I just had the realization that my daughter was getting ready to turn 8 when I got the cancer diagnosis. This is scary because my mom's mom died of cancer when my mom was about that age!!! I didn't die but still scary!